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Island Iron 2018 Success

Island Iron 2018 Success
The Island Iron 2018 OC6 races were held Saturday, June 9 with the Small Boat race held on June 10. We had five teams participating in the short course, 11 teams in the women’s heat, and 18 in the men’s and mixed heat. The wind picked up during the course of the day, and a few hats were lost in Bayne’s Channel. There were five huli’s in the men’s/mixed heat (with one team huli-ing twice), but everyone made it back to shore safe and sound with lots of stories to tell. Results from Saturday are here: Island Iron 2018 OC6 Results

We had 25 people participate on small boat Sunday; with close finishes both in surf-ski and men’s OC1 races. Results from Sunday are here: Island Iron 2018_Small Boat Results

Thanks to all the teams for participating, our team of volunteers, and safety boat services provided by Royal Canadian Marine Services – Victoria and Oak Bay, Jim Pearson and Lorne.

Thanks to Victoria Marine Rescue Society Station 35

Thanks to the Victoria Marine Rescue Society
ORPC sincerely thanks the Victoria Marine Rescue Society for providing safety support for the Island Iron outrigger canoe race held June 9th. Without proper safety for these 6 man outrigger ocean type canoes, the club would not be able to run this great race.

The Station 35 crew members volunteer their time to support marine safety in and around the Victoria Harbour. For more information on this great resource, please visit their web site at http://www.vmrs.org

Wanted – Used OC1 Canoes

WANTED…Good used OC1 Canoes
Ocean River Paddling Club is looking to purchase used OC1 canoes in good shape. We prefer to purchase Hurricane or Huki canoes, but will consider other options.
For further information please email info@orpc.ca.

Huli Technique Reminder

Huli Technique Reminder (training video mahalo Charles Hamper)

An OC6 can go over for many reasons. Too much weight on the right, wind, rough seas, or mistakes made by the sterns. Knowing how to rescue your canoe and paddlers is required within the first year of a new crew and practiced yearly by all experienced crews. Each crew will have different types of bodies in their canoes and so it is not always ideal to have set seats doing set jobs in the recovery. Each crew is encouraged to develop their own set of roles for their paddlers that make the recovery as efficient and quick as possible. However, for the purposes of instruction, we will assume certain seats perform certain roles.

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Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Build

Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Building
October 29th, saw our former landlord move locations leaving the remnants of our water facilities in various states of disrepair. Upon arrival in the morning, our club house was found floating, loosely tied up to the dock in a different position than the night before. After several days of ‘all hands on deck’ the old south dock was divided into useful parts and paddled over to the north dock location. Commercial flotation was purchased and installed in November and December. A new section of dock was constructed from scratch with new flotation and attached by December 3rd after one long hard day working in torrential rain and 1 deg. C with a volunteer crew. Click on the following photo for images of the project.