Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Build

Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Building
October 29th, saw our former landlord move locations leaving the remnants of our water facilities in various states of disrepair. Upon arrival in the morning, our club house was found floating, loosely tied up to the dock in a different position than the night before. After several days of ‘all hands on deck’ the old south dock was divided into useful parts and paddled over to the north dock location. Commercial flotation was purchased and installed in November and December. A new section of dock was constructed from scratch with new flotation and attached by December 3rd after one long hard day working in torrential rain and 1 deg. C with a volunteer crew. Click on the following photo for images of the project.

In the meantime, we were faced with 35 knot winds from the South West on December 20th that saw the club house break free and create a 3 foot piece of open water between our wooden dock and the facility concrete docks. Later the cold weather brought outflow 30 to 35 knot North Easters that again broke club house free from its mooring to the concrete dock. In both occurrences, the wood split on the rail of the concrete dock and risked loss of the entire facility. Quick thinking during both occurrences saved the docks and club house from becoming part of the Bay Street Bridge in the first instance  or the Blue Bridge in the second instance.

The rest of the dock works continued through December and a new boat house construction was commenced. Most of the boat house was built in below freezing outflow windy weather. It is now almost at the lockup stage and will require future cosmetic touches (eave-troughs and siding), in order  to weather future rainy winters.

Inside, we were able to provide secure storage for 15 single OC1 canoes and 3 double OC2 canoes. We had planned on more boats, however the more modern OC1 canoes with deep rockers and 10 to 11″ surfing rudders take up a LOT of space. The canoes are at waters edge and in a secure and dry lockup. Rental of some of this space should provide some much required revenue to offset the club’s dock expenses.