About the Ocean River Paddling Club

The Ocean River Paddling Club was founded by Brian and Rosemary Henry in 2000, has evolved and is now a Society managed by its members.

The Club owns a small fleet of Outrigger Canoes available for use by its members:
OC6 - six paddler Outrigger Canoes
OC1 - single paddler Outrigger Canoes, and
OC2 - double paddler Outrigger Canoes.

Primarily an outrigger canoe club, however we encourage and welcome paddlers with “other” hulls.
ORPC is proud to be a member of the Canadian Outrigger Racing Association. As a CORA, member the club is well represented among National and International clubs on the world stage. Many of our paddlers have decades of paddling experience and have participated in many of the best of international races. That wealth of experience is available to our membership in the form of coaching and mentor-ship.

OC6 Outrigger Canoe

OC1 Outrigger Canoe

OC2 Outrigger Canoe

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