Associate Members :

To qualify for an associate membership you must already be a fully paid member of another paddling club that does not have access to coached training in Outrigger Canoeing.

Applications and Evidence (Membership at another club), must be submitted to the President of the Board before completing a registration form for an Associate Membership. If approved, you will be directed to complete the ORPC Associate Member Registration.

Ocean River is proud to make Associate Memberships available to paddlers who want to explore Outrigger paddling.

Associate Membership Benefits:
• Access to OC6 Competitive and Development Program practices. Club Crew booking requests must be sent to the President or designate and are granted depending on availability.
• Access to Ocean River Paddling Club Society Team Pages communication and information.
• Code entry access will be given for use of the clubhouse, washroom facilities and upper gate behind Value Village. These codes will be kept confidential and for use by ORPC members and associate members only.

Associate Membership Limitations:
• Non-voting membership at AGM.
• Access to small boats is restricted to full club members only
• Parking in the lower lot is not available, as we currently do not have enough spots for full club members. Street parking or pay parking in upper lots is available.
• No club members are allowed to park in the free Capital Iron upper lot while participating in paddling activities. This is a restriction enforced by our landlord.

Associate Memberships are based on a bi-annual schedule

Spring/Summer Session (March thru August)      $125.00

Fall/Winter Session (September thru February)  $125.00