Competitive Program

Development Program

Recreational Crews

Solo Paddling

A racing program designed for the intermediate to experienced paddler looking for coached race training and experience. Men, women and mixed crews are built through a committed practice schedule and through crew selection activities.

  • Both short course and long course streams are available.
  • The short course provides the novice paddler an introduction to racing.
  • The long course is designed for athletes looking for committed training to racing.
  • Previous paddling experience or progression through our Development Program is a requirement.
Activity Level: 3 days/ week
  • Tuesdays 5:30 pm (1.5- 2 hrs)
  • Thursdays 5:30 pm (1.5 – 2 hrs)
  • Saturdays 7:45 am (2-3+ hrs)

Membership: Required + CORA registration (click)

This program is a good fit for anyone who is just starting to paddle outrigger or has some other paddling experience.

A 3 time opportunity to try it out is offered free of charge.

Developing paddlers are encouraged to participate in local novice and short course races.

Race training makes up part of the training program that is delivered by coaches who are competitive paddlers with International Racing experience.

Activity Level: 1-3 days/ wk

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  • Monday 5:30 pm (1.5 hrs.)
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm (1.5 hrs)
  • Saturday 11:00 am (1.5 hrs)
Membership: Required + CORA

ORPC has a number of crews who are pre-formed and are not part of the competitive stream. These are generally groups of friends who paddle together in OC6s for fun, fitness and the occasional race. These crews may use a rotational roster of paddlers and spares to fill their canoes. New paddlers are always welcome.

There are time slots available for booking your recreational crew.

Activity Level: 1-2 days/ wk

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Membership: Required + CORA

ORPC has a small fleet of OC-1 and OC-2 canoes that are available to club members. Even if you are not interested in the larger 6 man canoes, as a club member you may use these single or double canoes unsupervised if you have met the requirements for small boat use.

Paddlers wishing to use the small boats need to go through the boat booking system to reserve a canoe.

Activity Level: There is no limit to the number of times paddlers can take out a small boat. We expect paddlers to be reasonable with their bookings, being aware that the fleet is available to all club members and should be shared equally. In the event of a Time Trial or Small Boat race, competitive paddlers will have priority with boat bookings. / wk

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Membership: Required + CORA