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ORPC is a Victoria, BC based outrigger paddling club featuring competitive, development and recreational paddling for fitness, sport and for high level racing competition.
Do YOU have what it takes? Are you interested in a fun way to workout in a team environment? We welcome new members and can take you from novice to expert in just a few short decades!

ORPC Paddlers win Dragon Boat Gold

ORPC Paddlers win Dragon Boat Gold
Congratulations to, Rita den Otter, Lise Bugeaud and Patti Cross, members of the Ocean River Paddling Club who won GOLD and BRONZE at the Canadian National Dragon boat Championships in Welland, Ontario this August while paddling with the Vancouver Island Paddling’s Gorging Dragons. This fantastic result has qualified VI Paddling Gorging Dragons for next year’s Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary in July of 2018.

Additionally, these three women paddled on the GOLD Medal, Platinum A Final, Mixed, Women’s and 1500 meter Guts and Glory teams at the Victoria Dragon boat Festival this past weekend in Victoria. VI Paddling won the Bronze medal as well in the Women’s Division with a second women’s team.

If you are a woman aged 50+ or 60+ or a man aged 60+ and would like to try out to be part of a Dragon Boat crew that will compete for the podium in the World Club Crew Championships in Szeged, Hungary you should contact president@vipaddling.com.

And of course, if you are already a Dragon Boat paddler and wish to bridge your paddling experience and stay fit through the winter, then contact info@orpc.ca

Island Changes 2017 RESULTS

Island Changes Race RESULTS
20 km Wet Changes
VYPC – 1:48:58
ORPC – Kona – 1:50:24

30 km Wet Changes
FGPC -Wahinis – 3:46:25

30 km Dry Changes
ORPC – Hula – 3:40:26

40 km wet changes
Lotus – 3:45:41

Ocean River Paddling Club would like to thank the following for making this weekend possible:

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Partnership in Safety

Victoria Harbour From the Pilot’s Perspective
The attached Canada Flight Supplement for Victoria Harbour mirrors the Marine Scheme with some differences.

One rule, for example, is that planes are to avoid coming within 50 m (165′) of watercraft. Although if they do infringe that distance, they can and probably will argue aviation safety. its just good to know what the rules are. it is also good for a paddler to be aware of exactly where the runways are located.

The last thing we want is to create a conflict for an airplane with a load of passengers. Airplanes must land relatively into and take off into wind. It is interesting to watch the pilot’s coming in to land. In many cases they land down wind or cross wind due to the constraints of the runway directions Once committed, they may not be able to maneuver out of your way should you stray into their path. You may find out exactly why they refer to kayaks and canoes as speed bumps. Click this link to DOWNLOAD the Victoria Harbour Aviation map

The Restrictions on page 2 in the download have highlighted sections that you may find interesting.

Island Changes Race 2017

Island Changes Race 2017

ORPC is once again proudly hosting Island Changes.  This Vancouver Island Change race  is growing in popularity due to the warm welcoming of the local community just as are the warm waters of beautiful Sproat Lake.
This race provides fun and challenges to both skilled paddlers and novices alike. This race offers a short course of 22 km as well as the long course of 44 km. Check back here regularly as more information will be added as we get closer to the August race date.
 To communicate with the race director, click this link: Island Changes race director

2017 Registration Waiver and Code of Conduct

2017 Registration Waiver and Code of Conduct Published
All members must sign the 2017 Registration Waiver and the Code of Conduct published on this site. You may go to the menu item <Membership/Code of Conduct> to pre-read the Code of Conduct.

Download the PDF version of the 2017 Waiver and Code of Conduct here. These documents must be included with your Spring 2017 registration. A reminder that CORA fees must also be paid.

Only 5 Spaces Left

Only 5 3 Spaces LeftAll Spaces Sold Out

The Boat House construction is complete and all spaces are occupied. If you wish to reserve a space at the first opening, please contact boathouse@orpc.ca.

The 25′ long building is 12′ wide and situated on the ORPC float just above water level. Each storage cell in the structure has padded sides and support and has ample space so that adjacent boats will not contact your boat. 21 outrigger OC1/OC2 or surfskis cells occupy the 310 square feet building. The 2800 cubic foot canoe storage structure has a separate but integral Ama closet for Ama and Iaku storage (at the back end, right side of the boat house as viewed).
If you are looking for worry-free secure boat storage, free from critters AND at water level, contact boathouse@orpc.ca

Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Build

Dock Reconstruction and Boat Storage Building
October 29th, saw our former landlord move locations leaving the remnants of our water facilities in various states of disrepair. Upon arrival in the morning, our club house was found floating, loosely tied up to the dock in a different position than the night before. After several days of ‘all hands on deck’ the old south dock was divided into useful parts and paddled over to the north dock location. Commercial flotation was purchased and installed in November and December. A new section of dock was constructed from scratch with new flotation and attached by December 3rd after one long hard day working in torrential rain and 1 deg. C with a volunteer crew. Click on the following photo for images of the project.

Bridges 2016 “A Great Success”

BRIDGES 2016, “A Great Success”

Firstly, we wish to thank all those participants who came to our club to enjoy this 17th running of the annual Bridges race. We love watching the good will and enjoyment everyone wears on their faces at this race!

We are proud of everyone in our club for stepping up to make things happen! A comment was made that “Each year it runs smoother and smoother,” and this is because of you! Bridges was a huge success this year once again.

Special thanks to Lise for her master coordinating skills with registrations and taking on the job of race result entry; Cindy Wright for her fabulous prizes; Jason as safety coordinator; Kerry for organizing the door prizes; Robin for the tunes and announcements; and Glenys for coordinating the 50/50 and the very successful paddle raffle! The volunteer efforts by everyone on Saturday and Sunday were fabulous.

Its important to note the skillful efforts of those taking care of the timing, dock duty and registrations. And thanks to Julie as OC6 race organizer, Lise as the Inny & Outty Race organizer and all those who made these happen.
See you all next year!

Results are ATTACHED BELOW:.

Bridges 2016 OC6 Results
Inny -Outty Race Results