Bridges 2015 RecapORPC Sr. Master Women

Once again the weather for our annual Bridges Race was spectacular and made for a great day of racing. With 8 Novice teams, 15 Men’s teams, 27 Women’s teams, and 27 Mixed teams we had some great races to watch. Special congratulations to all the Novice paddlers who handled themselves and their canoes like pros. A 6 km. race seems like the perfect distance to work on all those things we talk about during practice. For some sterns this was their first buoy turn in a race!! Well done!

All of the Men’s teams went sub 30 providing us with some spectacular finishes to watch. Women’s teams also posted some fast times with Gorge, Comox and ORPC all going sub 30 as well. The Mixed heats provided a bit of excitement with one huli and a minor collision at the turn. Posted times were fast with 7 teams going sub 29.

These performances were all grit and power as there was very little to work with in terms of wind or current. Kudos to everyone who participated for their great effort.

Sunday’s Inny and Outty races were well attended with 19 entries in the 6 km. Inny which traveled the same course as Saturday’s Bridges race.

The Outty race, at the request of many paddlers, was extended to Brothers’ Islands which added a bit more distance to work for. The paddle out was sunny and relatively calm, providing everyone with a good warm up. After the turn, that North wind picked up, gusting to 17 knots at times, making it a race of skill and determination. Fourteen OC1s, six OC2s, three Surfskis and three SUPs raced. We only had one huli (very nicely self-recovered) and everyone completed the race.

In conversation with a visiting paddler it came up that the Bridges race is popular with everyone. Not only because of its distance and its appealing waterway, but because it gives all of us a chance to get together as a paddling community one last time, at the end of a racing season.

So thanks to all of you who attended and brought your Ohana spirit with you.

Good luck with any further races you may be participating in this year and enjoy your winter training. See you next October for Bridges 2016!