Island Iron 2018


This year, Island Iron is being hosted by ORPC from Cadboro Bay, Victoria. OC6 races will held Saturday, June 9, and small boat races, Sunday, June 10. Register your intent to race early to avoid disappointment. Teams interested in the short course need to register by May 18, 2018.
The race will be a beach start at Cadboro Bay Gyro Park, at the end of Sinclair Road (parking) and Penrhyn Street (canoe unloading only).

Race Course:
Beach start at Cadboro Bay going south to Oak Bay Marina, then east past Harris Islet, Chain Islets, Discovery Island, then north along the Chatham Islands to the cardinal marker, then across Baynes Channel and return west to Cadboro Bay for finish (approx. 17 km.).
Short Course:
If a short course for Junior and Novice crews is run, it will start at Cadboro Bay going south to Oak Bay Marina and will return along the same line after exiting the north end of the Oak Bay Marina (approximately 6 to 7 km.)

Important to note:
This is an open water event and conditions can be difficult. Safety is paramount and race rules will be enforced. Sterns are required to attend the stern meetings 30 min. before race starts.
The Safety director reserves the right to make PFD wearing mandatory. The race course may be altered at any time, including during the race if it is in the interest of safety.

Race Schedule:
Juniors and Novice OC6 Short Course @ 10:00 a.m. (if it runs)
Women’s OC6: Long Course @ 11:30 a.m. (11:00 if no short course)
Men’s/Mixed OC6 Long Course @ Immediately after Women’s course completes.

Register online your intent to race; or e-mail with your team name, category, age class and roster with CORA#s. If you need a canoe include that in the body of the email.
All paddlers must hold current CORA membership to race.
Original forms with signatures and payment must be submitted to the registration desk on race day.
Island Iron 2018 info, registration and waivers package

$90.00/Crew for short course
$210.00/Crew for long course
Cheques made out to Ocean River Paddling Club Society or Cash.

Race Categories:
As per CORA rules (amended 2013)
A minimum of three teams must be registered by May 18, 2018 to run the short race.
Registrations received after May 25, 2018 will race down a class unless, enough teams are already registered in your age class

Each crew is responsible for securing their own canoes, paddles and PFDs. If you need a canoe see the CORA website for options.
All boats must have:
* a minimum of six PFD’s,
* a spray deck (mandatory) and
* two bailing buckets.
Boats will be randomly checked and those not complying will be disqualified from racing.
Food & Beverages:
Food and beverages will be available to all participating paddlers in possession of a draw ticket. The food is supplied by volunteers from ORPC.
Race questions may be directed to the Race Director at

Small Boat Race, will be Sunday, June 10, with a mass start at 9:30 a.m. Register online your intent to race, or send an e-mail to with Small Boat in the subject line.
Visit our Island Iron 2018 Small Boat web-page for more information.
Island Iron Small Boat Race